"For you to see beauty here
does not mean there is beauty in me.
It means there is beauty rooted
so deeply within you,
that you can’t help but see it everywhere."
- rupi kaur

The ability to see beauty in those around us is a direct manifestation of the way we feel about ourselves. When we embrace self love and body positivity, it translates to balanced social interactions and emotional stability. I love meeting women who are unabashedly proud of the skin they're in. You deserve to love yourself boundlessly, and to have that love reciprocated 10x over.

Promoting mutual love and support amongst women has become a huge component of my lifestyle. In the Body & Beauty section of LaSaina.com, I'll be sharing some of my favorite holistic and conventional beauty tips & tricks. Beyond that, I aim to curate a space that pushes boundaries of external beauty, to highlight the importance of self love and acceptance. All love starts within. So much of what we seek externally is already present in our spirit, simply waiting to surface. Learning to embrace the beauty within your fellow goddess is a reflection and acknowledgement of the beauty within you. The act of sending love and light to another, yields a cycle of mutually reciprocal positivity.  Join me in this journey of uplifting each other, as we joyfully manifest the true goddess within.

#KnowThyself. #Love Thyself.