I thought it would be helpful to share with you all some of the ways that I destress. We are all faced with challenging situations every so often, and it helps to know various approaches to handling them. Here's a glimpse at how I use meditation as a technique to relieve stress, make sound decisions, and remain focused on my goals. Enjoy! 

For years now, I've been an avid proponent of introspection. I believe that much of what we seek externally, can be found within. Answers to our most pressing questions often come from careful self analysis.  Spending time with ourselves and tapping into the higher realm of our spirit can assist us in achieving much needed balance and clarity. As we strive to become better versions of ourselves, we must examine our behavior patterns, re-evaluate our methods of thinking, and be prepared to self adjust. Meditation and self reflection have played such an important role in my life, assisting with everything from career choices to personal dilemmas. Through employing meditation, I've often gained the clarity I needed to navigate complex situations and make very difficult decisions. When I was in law school, I experienced some of my deepest woes (not the Drake version).  Meditation, reflection, and a resulting upward trajectory, enabled me to surpass moments of stress and enjoy beautiful periods of success and jubilee. 

One of the most powerful benefits I've seen from meditation is the impact it has on my ability to manifest goals. Whenever I have a new idea or project that I'm working on, I take it into meditation. I reflect on its prospects, potential outcomes, and envision the best possible scenarios. These positive signifiers resonate with my spirit long after I have finished meditating. Through this process, I channel my mental and spiritual energy into actualizing my goals and bringing them into vivid focus. Increased creativity, clarity, and brain function, are natural byproducts of meditation, thus making it one of the most effective tools for preparation. Rarely do I ever make major life decisions without first meditating on them. I talk to my ancestors and receive their guidance. In these moments, I rid my mind of obscurity and obstruction, in an effort to remain receptive and open to their wisdom.

These photos were captured by Kaushal in the comfort of my zen room at home, following one of our meditation sessions. Underneath my silk canopy and amidst a myriad of decorative pillows, I find the sweetest peace and optimal environment for deep rumination. The smell of jasmine and sandalwood incense, or burning frankincense, accompanied by aromatic amber toned myrrh are common scents throughout my home during meditation time. I definitely recommend setting aside a room in your house that can be devoted to fostering total peace and tranquility. Rid it of televisions, distractions, and hostile signifiers. Decorate it in colors that align with the most peaceful parts of your spirit. Fill it with special spiritual accoutrement that are sacred to you. Maintain a balance of tranquility that enables you to easily tap into your inner voice. You'll be amazed at how the act of simply stepping inside this zen room can improve your overall mood and open enlightening streams of consciousness. 

If you are privy to venturing outside of solo meditation, it's great to meditate with a partner or group of friends. Basking in the peace of group meditation has amazing benefits as well. You will vibe off of each other's positive energy and support the process of collective self reflection. Meditating with my family has helped us grow stronger in our connections, and enabled us to be more receptive, understanding, patient, and kind towards each other. It has given me discernment in my choices, helped me manifest positivity in my life, and assisted me in channeling my energy to where it is most needed. Connect with your spirit and enjoy the harmony that results. I promise that it will bring feelings of immense fullness and satisfaction.

Wishing you all a fulfilled and enlightened meditative journey.


With Love & Light,