About Nuri nahara 

Saína Tchaas Nu is the Founder & Creative Director of Nuri Nahara designs, an eclectically bold collection of handmade, vintage, and reconstructed clothing and accessories. Inspired by the timeless essence of classic garments and the aesthetic splendor that characterizes ancient cultures throughout the world, this unabashedly vibrant line merges the most whimsical elements of style. As the line infuses traditional textile patterns and beading techniques into modern creations, it pays homage to rich cultural origins and continues to revere the ancestors as dazzling pioneers of the new age fashion renaissance. Nuri Nahara brings you alluring adornments and cultured accouterment.

The new Nuri Nahara collection is set to be released in the Spring of 2018. 


Browse previous designs from the premier collection, Eclecticism Unveiled.