Puma Holiday Giveaway

December 3rd marks my 26th Birthday. This year, I've decided to kick off the celebration by doing a special Holiday Giveaway, featuring one of my favorite Puma Women pieces. 2016 has been filled with so many spectacular moments for me. I feel blessed to be celebrating a new year of life, and I'm incredibly grateful for all of the remarkable people that have encouraged and supported me on my journey.

We all have some extraordinary people in our lives that we can count on to lift our spirits, even during our most difficult moments. The smallest acts of kindness can make all the difference in motivating a person to push forward and be resilient when life becomes strenuous. This giveaway supports the efforts of those phenomenal individuals in our lives. 

Tomorrow morning, I'll be asking you to highlight a special friend or loved one that encourages and uplifts you. The specific instructions for entering the giveaway will be listed on my Instagram. Be sure to follow me, and look out for my next post featuring an exclusive Puma Women item for all of the details on entering. Looking forward to hearing about some of the special people in your lives and sharing a bit of my birthday joy with you guys!

Love & Light,