The majestic beauty of African textiles and prints always brings me immense joy. A cornerstone of my personal style involves donning pieces that hold special symbolism or significance to ancient cultures throughout the continent. In doing so, I am constantly reminded of the beauty, splendor, and diversity of the many traditions that encompass the diaspora. Their story and meaning is symbolic of the abundant gifts that Africa has bestowed upon the world. Recently, I've been loving the versatility of styling my Aṣọ Dára "Aladura" & "Sanaa" wraps and chokers.  Check out two different ways I love to wear these vibrant pieces below, along with the meaning behind each pattern! 



"The name 'Sanaa' comes from the Swahili language and means 'work of art'. This name was chosen because this print wears much like African artwork. The bold colors of orange and purple are so vibrant making it the perfect compliment to any shade." -


"The word 'Aladura' means 'praying people' in the Yoruba language. This print is characteristic of stained glass windows reflecting many colors from one light source. The hues of red, white, and blue scatter out in a beautiful kaleidoscope dream." -


In an ongoing effort to reconnect children of the diaspora with their African lineage, each season Aṣọ Dára  sponsors an ancestry test for one or more individuals to trace their roots back to regions throughout Africa. Visit to learn more about this amazing program. Also check out the entire Season II Collection and learn the meaning behind all of the prints. Many thanks to the Aṣọ Dára Team!

Love & Light,